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Self-Stick weights
E-Z Weights, 3 Oz Pkgs

Just peel off the backing and place inside or underneath a car. Comes in 1/4 or 1/2 Oz pieces, in 3 or 6 Oz packages.

Stock #'s - 312 & 314

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E-Z Weights, 6 Oz Pkgs
$$$ Saver

6 Ounce packages of self-stick lead weights - available in 1/4 Ounce or 1/2 Ounce pieces.

Stock #'s - 612 & 614

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Combo Pak
E-Z Weights combo pack

Convenient combo-weight pak. 3 Ounces of 1/4 Oz pieces and 3 Ounces of 1/2 Oz, for the same $$$ saving price as our 614 & 612 packages!

Stock #624

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Lead wool
E-Z Weights, Lead Wool

May be tamped tightly into any convenient space and moldable to any shape you may need. Using rubber cement to hold in place, it can be re-adjusted at a later time.

Stock #40LW

RC Truck
E-Z Weights, Pourable Lead
Pourable Lead
DSP Products' E-Z Weights can be used in many hobby applications - RC Cars, boats and planes, as well as model trains in all scales.

Small, BB type pieces of lead, - just pour into any small or unreachable space. Squeeze or spray a little glue in and the impossible becomes possible. Stock #30PL

Sheet Lead
E-Z Weights, 3 oz Sheetlead

Thin & moldable, 1 x .038 inch pieces of sheet lead - perfect for the inside of passenger cars with interiors.

3 Oz package is Stock #30SL

Model Airplane

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E-Z Weights, 3 Oz & 6 Oz Sheet Lead
$$$ Saver-Again!
You're going to love this so much - you might as well save some $$$ and purchase the 6 Oz package - #60SL.
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Eyeballs (Look)2 eyeballs

Created for
2 inch Sheetlead-O Scale
"O" Scale!

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Two-inch wide sheet lead - perfect fit for "O" Scale cars (see, we didn't forget you!) :-)